A Series of Fortunate Events

God’s answers prayers indeed. Just a year ago, not so very long, I prayed for a very specific thing. After I lost my one year relationship with this guy, I asked God and even wrote it down on paper, that from this day on, I will be someone every guy will want to have. I meant literally every guy and I knew God understood that deeply when a series of weird events happened to me. While I started working at an events company, I had a chance to fly to Korea for an important meeting. Most of them were Koreans, and why am I not surprised. After the meeting, one distinct guy, followed me up until the eleventh floor of the hotel where I was checked in for the night to just ask me about the meaning of “skewed” that I used a lot during the discussion. Three days after, a letter arrived for me, written in French, by someone named Felipe. Now, I did not know whether it was about an online transaction I did a long time ago or a marriage proposal. So, I went to consult a translation company, for the first time, which was Translia.com

Thank God for the website. There I fully understood that the letter was an engagement proposal. Although it does not make me hear weddings bells yet, it was indeed for our helper who, five years ago, who fancies the thought of marrying a foreign guy. I remembered her writing to different guys using my name as the receiving party, so the letter would actually be delivered to my house where she worked. I am so glad that among all translating companies, Translia.com thought of actually having translating services that would include French in the list. And the next time I receive perhaps a Mongolian letter, it will never be a problem anymore. Translia.com turned these weird events to a fortunate one by introducing to me the great use of a full blown translation service provider.

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