Be Prepared

Keeping your home fully stocked and ready for company can be a challenge, especially if you have a family. No matter how many sheets, pillow cases and blankets you may have it seems they’re all in the wash when you need them, the go to comforter has gone missing, the pillows have been decimated in a pillow fight and your favorite throw has taken flight as a super-hero cape or to make a teepee.

Experts recommend three sets of bedding for each bed with the idea that having one set on the bed, one set in the wash and one set at the ready should be enough to keep you covered but it can’t hurt to have some extra bedding just in case.

The good news is you can stock up and be prepared when you shop online – most of the major bed and bath store websites are open any time of the day or night and you can usually get expedited shipping if the situation is urgent. Savvy shoppers know it makes sense to shop before you need something so if you can take the time in advance you’re more likely to get the best deals possible – like buying sheets in January when white sales are everywhere and getting winter bedding in July before the weather gets cold.

Shopping for bathroom basics is a good idea too – toilet paper holders which feature spare roll storage are increasingly popular because you can always use an extra roll or two of tissue. Ensure you never run out with a reserve toilet tissue holder placed within reach of the commode; consider switching from bar soap to liquid soap and use a soap dispenser to better control and monitor usage. A wall-mounted soap and shampoo dispenser in the tub or shower will also help to keep inventory visible and reduce consumption. 

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